Shorty LiPo brace kit for Losi XX4

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Shorty LiPo brace kit for Losi XX4

Combine with TLR231092 battery mount set for TLR 22X-4, this brace kit allow you to mount and hold shorty LiPo battery in place onto XX4 first generation chassis or XX4-WE chassis. From the TRL231092 battery mount set, only elastomer straps and hooks parts are use for our purpose.

It requires to drill and countersink 4 holes in the XX4 main chassis (a drilling template comes with the kit).

For clean assembly we suggest to flush hook square base regarding the strap access.

Mounting braces onto chassis requires to get UNC 4-40x3/8’’ flat head screws (not included in the kit). Mounting hook parts onto braces, requires to get 2 M3x10 flat head screw (not included in the kit)

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