RC MUMUSE chassis protective sheet

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RC MUMUSE chassis protective sheet

Protect your favorite chassis with a RC MUMUSE looking sticker.

To make things easier, our protective sheets are precut and tailored to your chassis, screw holes included.
Just degrease the chassis and apply the protective sheet.

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Please be aware that the chassis protector will stick better to a new chassis. You will get less bond on a scuffed chassis.
Clean your chassis with a degreaser or soapy warm water.
Peel off the protector, hold it by the ends.
Use the screw holes to apply it on the center. We recommend to stick one side, then work to the other side pushing away bubbles with something flat ans square like a credit card.
You can peel it of, they apply again if the protector is not perfectly centered.
Do's :
-Wash your hands before working on your protector
-Work on a warm room, 10°C or more
-Let the glue cure 3 days on the chassis before use
Dont's :
-Apply the protector without degreasing the chassis
-Apply the protector a few minutes before your race...

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